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Why Should I Do Canine Bed Bug Inspections On My Property?

The only way to stay ahead of Bed Bugs is by being Proactive! This means developing a Bed Bug protocol for your facility starting with canine inspections all the way through remediation when necessary. Being proactive gives lets you know the health of the building in regards to Bed Bugs and identifies infestations at their earliest stages so you can get rid of them before a building wide infestation occurs. Stay ahead of Bed Bugs and keep your building safe with proactive canine bed bug inspections.

Bed Bugs! The mention of them is enough to send people into a panic. They’re small, hard to find, breed quickly and costly to get rid of. Sadly it is physically impossible to prevent them from being brought in to your facility. In most instances tenants will NOT report the problem, so what are you doing to keep them at bay? You need to inspect in order to know what is happening on the property.

You’ve heard of Bed Bugs but you’ve never experienced them in your building or so you think. Statistically most facilities or their tenants have had some Bed Bug interaction by this point in time. If your tenants don’t tell you, bed bugs don’t just go away. Bed Bugs will multiply, spread and damage the surrounding units and in a short time, the whole building. At that point it will take weeks and thousands of dollars to get rid of all the Bed Bugs. Don’t let this happen to you and your facility!

Risk Management & Liability Protection

In today’s world people will sue for just about anything and you can be sure that Bed Bug lawsuits are quite real and a growing issue for management of all facilities. Landlords have a responsibility to provide a bed bug free apartment to their tenants. Can you prove there were no bed bugs before they moved in?  Did the tenants bring them in? Do they actually have bed bugs? Why wonder what is happening when you can know for sure. All it takes is a few, non invasive minutes to do a canine inspection.

When a tenant has Bed Bugs and decides to take the landlord to court who wins and why? There are many factors involved such as: Were you responsive if they complained?  Have you ever inspected the apartment? Do you do regularly scheduled, proactive canine inspections?  If you have active Bed Bug Protocols and records showing that you regularly check your facility for Bed Bugs you can use previous inspection reports as a legal defense. Protocols include canine inspections, staff education and documentation of your protocols. If you’ve never done canine inspections how do you know it’s only a specific tenant who has Bed Bugs? Tenants will claim negligence on the management’s part. Don't let bed bugs become a bigger problem then they already are, don’t be defenseless in court!

Create Bed Bug protocols that will protect your facility today!

How would you like to save thousands of dollars?

Bed Bugs are expensive! Bed bugs can damage property, affect people's mental health and in the end your facilities reputation! Bed Bug remediation is expensive, conventional treatments are expensive and heat treatments are typically double if not triple a conventional treatment. Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to treat so often? Treating an apartment that you can’t confirm the presence of active Bed Bugs in is wasteful and expensive. Treating units over and over again because you’ve never identified the source is even more expensive! Not to mention the added litigation costs if a tenant decides to sue.

Canine inspections make eliminating Bed Bugs that much more timely and cost effective. For the price of the average "conventional treatment" you can perform canine inspections on tens of units. Can you imagine checking an entire floor, two possibly three, for the price of one treatment? That’s how cost effective and inexpensive canine inspections are. In comparison to your treatment costs we are well worth the small fee. In so many instances you are treating an affected unit, when you haven't even located the source unit! Every bed bug infestation that you locate, before it spreads saves you the cost of another full treatment.  Do canine inspections, find all the infested units and get rid of the bed bugs, all while saving thousands of dollars!

Astonishingly Enough MOST Tenants Will NOT Tell You They Have Bed Bugs! 

There are many reasons tenants won’t report a Bed Bug problem such as; They’re afraid of repercussions, having to pay the bill, mental incompetence, being bed ridden and many just don’t know they have a problem even when there are many Bed Bugs in the room! Performing a canine inspection is the only sure way to know if a tenant has Bed Bugs! find out before it’s too late!

It's Never To Late to Inspect!

After you discover Bed Bugs and treat for them, in many instances failed treatments or reintroduction of Bed Bugs occur in the same or neighboring apartment. It is highly recommended to do a post treatment inspection of the treated and surrounding units to make sure there are no surviving Bed Bugs and to prevent the future spread of Bed Bugs to other apartments. Most pest control professionals provide a warranty, inspect before the warranty runs out!  It is also recommended to check the whole facility in case the source is somewhere else in the building. Once you’ve dealt with Bed Bugs you’ll never want to deal with them again! Utilize canine Inspections to keep them at bay!

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